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Participate in Our Research!

We invite you and your child (or children) to be a part of our research!

Our studies are suitable for children of most age groups. We typically conduct studies with preverbal children (13 months of age and younger), preschoolers (3 to 5 years of age) and school-aged children and young adolescents (6 years of age and older).

We conduct studies in person or online.

Our studies are fun and your family will receive an Amazon gift card for participating. Study sessions usually last between 10 and 30 minutes. Most studies involve a single session, though we occasionally recruit families to participate in multiple sessions (with additional compensation).

In-person studies​ involve visiting the Child Study Center at Emory University (36 Eagle Row). Free parking is provided. Online studies are conducted via Zoom. The researcher will provide you a link to log on.

Study sessions are scheduled at your convenience. We are open for appointments weekdays and some weekends.

To schedule a study with us, please email the lab or Dr. Lourenco directly. You can also contact the Child Study Center coordinator, Susan Perlman, if you are interested in participating in other studies in the Psychology Department.

We look forward to having your family participate in our studies!

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Child Study Center

The Developmental Science Program at Emory University is fortunate to have access to the Child Study Center though which participant recruitment and community outreach is coordinated.

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Adult Participants

If you are 17 years of age or older, and interested in participating in our studies, please contact us. Emory undergrads receive research credit and others receive monetary compensation.

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