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Are you interested in becoming a graduate student or post-doc in the lab?

Please email Dr. Lourenco directly expressing your interest. And please include your CV with this correspondence.

Prospective graduate students: You can find more information about our program on the Emory Psychology website.

Are you interested in becoming a research assistant in the lab?

Conducting research in the Lourenco Lab is a rewarding learning experience that gives undergraduate research assistants hands-on opportunities to be involved in various aspects of the scientific process.


Interested students can apply to work in the lab for research credit. Please note that in any given semester, we may or may not have open positions. Applications are typically reviewed the semester prior to the position opening.

If you are interested in becoming a research assistant, please email Dr. Lourenco directly and include the following information:

1.    Year in college

2.    GPA

3.    Major(s) and minor(s)

4.    Previous research experience, if any

5.    Experience with children, if any

6.    Relevant technical skills (e.g., programming/coding)

7.    Why you’re interested in gaining research experience

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