Meet the Team

vlad graduation - 2021 lab pic2_edited.jpg

May 2021. Left-to-right: Lauren Aulet, Vlad Ayzenberg, Stella Lourenco, Yaxin Liu, and Ryno Kruger 

Current and Past Members

Former Students

Graduate Students

Undergraduate (Honors) Students

2021: Kylee Novick

2020: Jessica Kubert

2018: Amy Krivoshik

2017: Jenna Sung

2016: Katherine Boice, Meghan Hickey, Adi Rosenthal, and Sami Yousif

2014: Kaitlin Conroy

2012: Janine Cabrera, Arwen Marker, and Bari Schwartz

2011: Erin Denio and Hallie Udelson

2010: Sonia Rao

2008: Emily Jacobs and Carissa Romero